Responses and Collaborations
10 October 2015

“A New Catalog”
Spudnik Press, 2016
Show: Rules, Tools and Fools
Curated by Jason Pallas and Jaclyn Jacunski
Catalog designed by Jaclyn Jacunski
Rizograph prints, edition of 110

Description: “See an item you want in the Whole Earth Catalog? Here you are presented with an updated version featuring many of your favorite items at reasonable prices.  Already built your yurt? Find your shipping address at”

Review: Not Another Exhibition Catalog (NewCity, 9/06)


S-Whole Earth-002.jpg

“Directions for Viewing”
The Art Institute of Chicago (education wing), 2016
Show: This room is a work made up of people
Curated by Alberto Aguilar

Harold Washington College President’s gallery, 2015
Show: Citizen Cartographic
Curated by Jason Pallas

Direcetions for viewing jorge

Directions for Viewing

Co-Prosperity Sphere, 2012
Show: Triangulation

Video piece produced for a collaborative installation at Co-Prosperity Sphere with Karin Zuppiger and Valentina Vella.

SHoP, 2012
Show: Strategies for Preservation

Description: “When visiting the Fenn House for the first time, I was struck by the many layers of history visible within the space in the form of objects and marks left behind by previous occupants and previous shows. When contemplating SHoP’s move, I kept returning to these layers of history and the thought that multiple moments, each experienced in their own times, can co-exist. Although SHoP, with all its energy, is currently occupying the house, there is the knowledge that soon it will have left. Shot on Tuesday, May 15th, the photographs in “Eidetic” (the vivid recall of mental images), are meant to draw attention to this double experience of time. How long ago is the past? How is a moment chosen to be the one that is remembered? Is SHoP the space or the activities? I hope that coming across these remembered views scattered throughout the house might force a moment of looking forward toward looking backward while the photographs are not yet all that remains.”



“Daily Correspondence”
Dynamo Project Space, Thessaloniki, Greece
Spoke Gallery, Chicago, 2010
Show: Push the Envelope

Description: ‘Push the Envelope’ (a project by Rachel Moore) brought together a group of artists working in Chicago, Thessaloniki, and Athens, for an intensive collaboration in Spring 2010. The three weeks began with an opening exhibit at Dynamo Project Space in Thessaloniki, Greece, and evolved through a series of discussions held via Skype between the artists in Greece and those meeting at Spoke Gallery in Chicago. The majority of the project, however, lived in the spirited discussions and exchange on the project’s blog where we struggled with issues of communication, political and social upheaval during the Greek economic crisis, and general questions of how to span cultural and geographic differences to find a collaborative meeting ground.

For the closing exhibit, we interspersed the new work generated during the three weeks with the original work from the opening. Reading clockwise around the room like a timeline, was printouts of the entire exchange held over the internet.



Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, 2011
Show: The Space Between

Description: “The artists from ‘Push the Envelope’ reunited to make new work for a show at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. We chose to create a video installation focusing on some of the most common refrains uttered during our original video conferences, “Are you still there? Can you hear us?” which came to act as a metaphor for the collaboration as a whole.”

11_Thessaloniki still_v2