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21 May 2017

Where Air Becomes Solid was inspired by the story of a clandestine 19th century love affair between a genteel arctic explorer who “discovers” a temperate ocean at the North Pole and a young medium who inadvertently starts the Spiritualist movement.  Unlikely as their secret marriage sounds, Elisha Kent Kane and Maggie Fox both achieved notoriety and fame for making that which was beyond the visible realm tangible for the public (he through his tales of arctic adventures and she through the invention of the seance).  I use their stories as the starting point for my own exploration into the subjective limitations of 21st century knowledge. In particular, the liminal space where visibility ceases and immediate perception gives way to mediated knowledge; where light falls off, where the earth curves, where the atmosphere starts to obscure the line of sight.

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Midnight in the arctic


Moonscape in Earthlight.